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Transport Dimensional Loads

The movement of dimensional loads requires careful planning and handling. We offer expertise in assuring you a shipping solution that includes:

  • Clearances
  • Recommendations for special equipment
  • Transit times
  • Safe transportation solutions
  • Securement requirements
  • Specialized train service
  • Logistics of the move if door-to-door delivery is required
  • Competitive pricing

Our objective is to earn your business by providing you with value-added services that make us your obvious choice. These services provide you with options while optimizing asset utilization and availability, all with the goal of making it very efficient and easy for you to do business with us.

We bring our experience and expertise to bear in preparing a detailed clearance file, which serves as the blueprint for your move. If the shipment involves another railroad, our team will work with the other railroad’s clearance group to design a clearance file that covers every aspect of the move – from origin to destination.

Request a Dimensional Load Clearance File

To request a dimensional load clearance file for dimensional shipments off the W&LE line, please complete the form that can be found on publications and tariffs and email it to

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