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Corporate Directory

Corporate Officers

Larry R. Parsons

Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan Chastek


Alec Jarvis

Executive Vice President & Chief Legal Officer

Randy Rottman

Chief Financial Officer


Carla Gonzales

Executive Assistant to the CEO
Phone: 330-767-7233

Sales & Marketing

Justin Crues

Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Phone: 330-767-7287
Cell: 330-417-8632

Jeff Sunderland

Assistant Vice President Business Development
Phone: 330-767-7286
Cell: 330-204-5522

David Carlin

Marketing Manager
(Aggregates, Grain, Food, Lumber, Forest, Waste Products)
Phone: 330-767-7281
Cell: 480-305-3233

Carly Bowersock

Manager of Marketing Services & Price Distribution
Phone: 330-767-7226

Customer Support

Customer Service

Phone: 800-837-5622
Phone: 330-767-7500

Brittany Ohler

Director of Customer Support
Phone: 330-767-7244

Alan Phillips

Data Team Lead
Phone: 330-767-7238

Bob Harbert

Transportation Billing Lead
Phone: 330-767-7503

Transportation Data Specialists

Linda Evans, Rick Gilmore, Melissa Hernandez, Matthew Todd, Jamie Yonts
Phone: 330-767-7500


Jim Hill

Vice President Transportation
Phone: 330-767-7253

Ken Malone

Division Superintendent
Phone: 330-767-7243

Jeff Davis, Sr.

Director of Transportation
Chief Dispatcher
Phone: 330-767-7215

Tim Weyandt

Assistant Director of Transportation
Phone: 330-767-7219

Crew Dispatcher (24 hour desk)

Phone: 800-837-5622 or 330-767-7211

Nick Berresford

Trainmaster – Brewster/Gambrinus
Phone: 330-767-7506

Anthony Graziani

Assistant Trainmaster – Brewster/Gambrinus
Phone: 330-767-7506

Darren Ohler

Trainmaster – Akron/Falls Jct
Phone: 330-784-8185

Mike Scott

Trainmaster – Hanna/Mingo/Rook
Phone: 419-668-1126

Rob Wilson

Trainmaster – Hanna/Mingo/Rook
Phone: 330-413-6302

Josh Rimmele

Trainmaster – Hartland/Carey
Phone: 419-668-1126

Allen-Michael Brown

Trainmaster – Medina
Phone: 330-784-8185

Andrew Garvin

Assistant Trainmaster – West End
Phone: 330-289-8557

Lorne Dodds

Road Foreman of Engines
Phone: 740-535-0441

Jason Cowart

Road Foreman of Engines
Phone: 330-767-7506


Randy Rottman

Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 330-767-7260

Ben Schillig

Phone: 330-767-7218

Cody Reinsel

Director of Cost & Budgeting
Phone: 330-767-7514

Liz Bruce

Manager of Accounts Payable
Phone: 330-767-7261

Jodi Specht

Assistant Vice President of Revenue Accounting
Phone: 330-767-7258

Sara Ehman

Manager of Revenue Waybilling
Phone: 330-767-7264

Brandon Gillespie

Manager of Collections
Phone: 330-767-7249

Fred Hazel

Director of Purchasing/Fleet Administrator
Phone: 330-767-7263

Real Estate

Jeff Davis, Jr.

Director of Real Estate
Phone: 330-767-7284
Cell: 330-936-1489

Jeff Sunderland

Assistant Vice President Business Development
Phone: 330-767-7286
Cell: 330-204-5522


Ed Steiner

Superintendent of Safety, Rules and Training
Phone: 330-767-7507
Cell: 330-904-5872

Robyn Gilles

Manager of Safety and Compliance
Phone: 330-767-7228

James Parsons

Safety Coordinator
Phone: 330-767-7237

Michael LaBiche

Assistant Safety and Environmental Compliance Manager
Phone: 330-767-7508
Cell: 330-260-2911

Law & Government Relations

Alec Jarvis

Executive Vice President & Chief Legal Officer
Phone: 330-767-7250

Human Resources

Darren Van Winkle

Director of Human Resources and Labor Relations
Phone: 330-767-7291

Susan Barringer

Director of Payroll & Benefits
Phone: 330-767-7257

Kyle Gabriel

Manager of Human Resources
Phone: 330-767-7271

Information Systems

Marc Masters

Vice President of Information Systems
Phone: 330-767-7251

Tom Booher

Network Administrator
Phone: 330-767-7252

Kathy Secondi

Applications Manager
Phone: 330-428-2987


Mark Svetlich

Vice President Engineering
Phone: 330-418-5791

Heidi Rowlands

Engineering Administrator
Phone: 330-767-7229

Tim Andrews

Signals & Communications Supervisor
Phone: 330-417-5541

Nick Strub

Project Engineer
Phone: 330-767-7220

Adam Hattery

Supervisor of Work Equipment
Office: 330-767-7256
Cell: 330-949-6683


Car Shop

Joe Bruce

Mechanical Superintendent
Phone: 330-767-7278

Dan Newsome

Assistant Superintendent Mechanical
Phone: 330-767-7247

Brian Sigmond

Manager of Mechanical
Phone: 330-767-7268

Nick Margazano

Supervisor Mechanical
Phone: 330-767-7268

Locomotive Shop

Tim Page

Superintendent Motive Power
Phone: 330-767-7267

John Vergis

Hazardous Materials/Environmental Officer
Phone: 330-767-7280

Rodney Myers

Asst. Superintendent Motive Power
Phone: 330-767-7266

Jack Bryan

Locomotive Supervisor
Phone: 330-767-7274


Akron Barberton Cluster Railway

Herbert Shanklin
General Manager
Cell: 330-697-0857
Phone: 330-745-4431

Neomodal Terminal

Phone: 330-879-1473

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