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Customer Winter Weather Focus Plan

Winter can be a very challenging time for a railroad, which is why Wheeling & Lake Erie has undertaken many initiatives to minimize its impact on operations, but you must do your part as well so that the service we provide you can remain safe and seamless. Many of the service disruptions center on accumulations of snow and ice. On the track, snow mostly constitutes a problem in switches, as well as at crossings – so once the snow is cleared, the problem is solved. Utilizing the following Winter Weather Focus Plan on how to properly remove snow and ice from switches and crossings will aid in ensuring timely service during the winter months. 

Winter Weather Focus Plan

  • Inspect the siding prior to service
  • Keep all switches free of snow and ensure correct drainage
  • The accumulation of snow and ice on and around the tracks and in the flange ways also may cause train derailments in industries
  • Keep flange ways of tracks which run through private or public roads clear of ice and snow at all times
  • Clear snow accumulation caused by vehicles and equipment crossing over tracks
  • Clear snow which has slipped from adjacent roof tops onto the siding track
  • During severe snow storm conditions, call your Customer Success Specialist to advise that your facility has been cleared of snow and ice. This will help protect timely service during severe weather conditions

If you have any questions or require further guidance please contact your local Trainmaster, or your Customer Success Specialist.

Cleaning Switches

Clean the open part of the switch between the stock rail and the points back to the first joint where the movement of the points occur.
The area in and around the connecting rods (there are two) must be free of ice and snow as this may also prevent the switch from being operated safely.
Keep flange ways of tracks which run through private or public roads clear of ice and snow at all times.

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