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Marcellus and Utica Shale

Moving freight by rail provides a number of benefits to the oil and gas industry over truck transportation, including:

  • Higher freight hauling capacity – 1 railcar is equivalent to 3 or 4 truckloads, meaning we can deliver your freight in a more efficient, cost-effective manner.
  • More reliable – From flat tires to poor weather conditions to unforeseen traffic jams, trucks are often held up and delayed. Trains are able to keep moving in most weather conditions and operate on regular schedules.
  • Economic – Fuel costs are cheaper for trains than for trucks, bringing down your overall transportation costs.

Both the Marcellus Shale and Utica Shale are extremely important to the economies in a number of states, including Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. It is our goal at the Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway Company (W&LE) to do our part to ensure these operations are kept running efficiently.

Marcellus Shale

We have been extensively involved in the Marcellus Shale since 2008 in southwest Pennsylvania, moving a wide array of commodities in and out of the Marcellus including:

  • NGLs
  • Frac sand
  • Pipes
  • Machinery and more

Utica Shale

Being the largest Ohio-based railroad and one of the largest regional railroads in the country, we have the capabilities and infrastructure to meet our customers’ needs for the Utica Shale that spans several states including Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. We offer track throughout the entire Utica Shale area!

What sets us apart from competitors is that we give our customers access to:

  • 3 Class I connections
  • 14 Class II and Class III connections
  • 840 miles of track

About Our Ohio Railroad

W&LE is the largest Ohio-based railroad and among the largest regional railroads in the country. Our service area includes 840 miles of track operating in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Maryland.

What sets the W&LE apart from other railroads is:

  • Competitive Pricing – by having access to three Class I carriers (CN, CSX, and NS)
  • Excellent Customer Service – which includes 7 days a week service and double switches when necessary.

Find the Right Site to Meet Your Needs

Contact us today so that we can confidently assist you in finding the right site to meet your freight hauling needs for the Marcellus or Utica Shale, or for any of your needs within the oil and gas industry.

Explore freight transport options with Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway.

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