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Accessing Property

Safety is the first and foremost priority of the Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway Company (W&LE). The right of way and property of W&LE is private property. Persons found on W&LE property without written permission are considered trespassing and may be prosecuted.

Any entry or construction activity on railroad right of way must be authorized by the railroad in writing via a Permit to Enter (PTE). The application for the PTE is available in the link below.

The applicant must submit the completed application to the Real Estate Department along with a check or money order for the non-refundable $1,200 application fee. The application must include the exact location and scope of work. Incomplete applications will be immediately rejected.

Insurance Requirements:

Generally, applicants must provide a Certificate of Insurance showing the Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway Company as the certificate holder. It must provide Commercial General Liability Coverage / Railroad Protective Liability Insurance with a combined single limit of not less than Five Million ($5,000,000) Dollars for personal injury and property damage per occurrence. This certificate must not exclude railroad work or operations.

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