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Customer Tracer Reports

Valued Customer,

Your tracer report serves as your daily notification of arrivals and constructive placements.
All notifications of arrivals, constructive placement and lease notifications will be done by electronic means as spelled out in the Wheeling & Lake Erie Freight Tariff WE 7001, Item 250 – Notification to Customers, effective February 1, 2016.

The official report runs daily at 8am and is available in Excel format.

All eligible cars will be constructively placed or put in lease status 24 hours after their available arrival notification at their serving station.

Update, 6/27/2018
Please observe that column B has been added. Your railcars may have arrived in your servicing station, but are not available to order in today. Your lease/demurrage charges will be adjusted to reflect any delays in availability.

If you have any questions regarding your tracer report please do not hesitate to contact Customer Service.


  • The following notifications by Electronic Means will be furnished as indicated when a railcar is available:

Cars to be delivered to Private Tracks

  • Notice of arrival will be given to party entitled to receive notification when railcar is available.
  • Notification of constructive placement on all cars held on WE tracks due to any condition attributable to Consignee or Consignor.
  • Delivery upon industrial interchange tracks of Consignee or party entitled to receive same
    will constitute notification.

Cars to be delivered to Public Tracks

  • Notice of arrival will be given to party entitled to receive notification when railcar is actually placed.

Refused Carload Freight

  • When advised of refusal of car at destination, notice will be sent or given to Consignor or owner of the lading.
  • Notification information provided:
    • Car Initial, number, and commodity
    • If the contents transferred en route, WE will furnish car initial and number of the original car and replacement car.
  • Methods and procedures for notification:
    • Notification must be sent or given by Electronic Means, (see Electronic Means, Item 200). When Consignor or Consignee utilizes electronic or mechanical device notification will be considered as having been given to Consignor or Consignee, as of the date and time transmitted. The Consignor or Consignee is responsible for providing the WE with the correct contact or contacts for notification purposes.

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