Railcar Storage

The Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway Company (W&LE) has available track space and is able to assist with your car storage needs. W&LE has convenient interchange access with three Class I railroads (CN, CSXT and NS) and 14 Class II and Class III railroads. Our locations make your storage needs possible for either empty or loaded cars.

If interested in obtaining a quote for storage rates please send us an email at development@wlerwy.com that includes the following information:

  • Car Owner/Lessor
  • Car Type
  • Car Size
  • Empty or Load
  • Commodity type last carried
  • Routing for inbound and outbound move
  • Number of Cars to be Stored
  • Anticipated Length of Storage
  • Preferred Storage Location on the W&LE
  • Name, Email, and Phone of Primary Contact

Please note that storage of cars will require a track lease agreement which you may apply for through our separate application process.

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